Laura Silverman has a feature in The Telegraph this week praising the work of Property Buying Agents. She lists the problems she encountered trying to manage the process on her own:

I had called estate agents the instant I received email alerts to find that properties were already under offer; I had arrived at viewings where agents had forgotten the keys. The search was not going well.
About 40 people had turned up to see this flat, and as I pushed my way up the stairs, I began to suspect that we were all gripped by a feverish hysteria. Never mind the damp walls or the wires poking from the ceiling; in 10 minutes, three people had offered over the asking price. One, aged 26, was a cash buyer. How would I would ever find a flat?

And Laura lists reasons why it doesn’t make sense for buyers to work directly with Estate Agents:

“Estate agents don’t work for you; they work for the seller,” she says. “You build a relationship with them – you’re in their car, they’re showing you properties, you’re giving them feedback – and you’re disclosing everything to the other side. It makes no sense at all.”

Her frustrations with estate agents led Laura to go to a Property Buying Agent – and she chose us…

I found BrightonMove, my buying agents, through Google, and trusted them on instinct. They knew the area and understood the kind of property I wanted…

I spent most Saturdays last year funding Southern rail on the London to Brighton train. My search agent would meet me at the station and drive me to a handful of properties. I was outbid on one flat and then a vendor who had accepted my offer decided he no longer wanted to sell.
I finally found another property in June. Without a search agent, my offer would have been a guess; now I had reassurance that it was right.
Once my offer was accepted, I knew there was a way to go. BrightonMove recommended a surveyor and were there to smooth over any difficulties.

Although the survey revealed damp which persuaded Laura to pull out of the purchase of this property, and her Brighton property search continues, she has learned a huge amount from BrightonMove. And Laura’s verdict:

Search agents are good.

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